landscaping design ideas - Melbourne

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a nice, neat looking yard and a breathtaking professionally landscaped one?A landscape garden need not be just a bunch of decorative plants and lawn.

The look of your landscape and garden may be the first and perhaps the most lasting impression people have of your home and property. Landscaping plays an essential role in enhancing its beauty and increasing the value.

Fortunately, FM Landscaping Service Provide homeowners & commercial property owners affordable price service.

FM Landscap Service will Personally meet you site to discuss your needs.

we are capable of giving your commercial or residential property an updated touch to make it always give your visitors a great first impression. we can magically transform your landscape to make sure it leaves everyone impressed.

After the design process, FM Landscaping Services work with you during the landscape construction process, including:

  1. Decking and seating
  2. Fencing and retaining walls
  3. Masonry and brickwork
  4. Excavation and earthworks
  5. Garden lighting

FM Land Scaping Service work with you every steps in order to full fill your enhance your home garden

1. Concept Design

During the meeting we understand your needs and draft concept desing.This concept design illustrates and incorporates features such as the configuration and function of spaces, areas of soft and hard landscaping and structures and provision of services such as lighting and irrigation.

2. Landscape Design and Development with Documents

Once the clients agree with conpect we refine & develop your desing by way of details which includes

  • Landscaping Plan
  • Decking
  • Drainage
  • Lighting Specificaion
  • Material Specificaion
  • Finish selections
  • Furniture
  • Irrigation