Synthetic Turf

FM Landscaping Service offer and install synthetic turf for residential and commercial landscaping.
Benefits an artificial turf

  • Lawn maintenance - Save on water usage – Your fake grass will not need water to grow, and requires just a spray with a hose for a quick clean.( not need any Sprinkler systems and replacement parts)
  • Save on time – No mowing is necessary, so do the things what you’d rather be doing on the weekends.
  • Weeds & Pests – Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, and hurting your back and knees to pull out unsightly weeds.
  • No harmful fertilizers or pesticides – Save your wallet, your health, and the environment by removing the need of harsh chemicals to maintain your lawn.
  • Looks great all year round – No longer will your lawn be brown, muddy or yellow. Artificial grass will stay green no matter the season.
  • Pet friendly – We install pet friendly artificial grass that is safe for pets, and very simple to clean.
  • Child-friendly artificial grass : Best benifit from the artificial grass if your child have allergy of grass the artificial grass is best option.even in school now they are using artificial grass becuse its does not have any weed killers, fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals
  • No stains and no mud to worry about
  • Reduce Ground Pollution

Real Turf
If you are a person who enjoys spending time in and working on a lawn and garden around your home, you may be looking for Real Turf. FM Landscaping Service  can install Real Turf on your  garden.